“I’m a K9 cop and Top Dog is the only product I have found to get rid of blood, vomit, & pet odors in my patrol car on contact. I recommend this to all pet owners.” – Sgt. John J. from Oregon

“As a breeder, I love Top Dog so much I decided to give a bottle away with every new puppy I sell. It never fails & they always call back wanting more.” – Kylie B. from California

“Over the years I have tried everything on the shelf at Petco & nothing works as good as Top Dog! I just spray in on fresh urine stains and watch the yellow disappear. Wow!” – Jan K, from Washington

“I own a carpet cleaning company & I get paid to do the job right. When it comes to pet stains and odor elimination I only use the best, and that’s Top Dog.” – Thor B. from Idaho

“I own a restaurant & use Top Dog on my garbage cans, bathrooms, carpet & floors every night. It’s the best stuff I have ever used.” – Kelly N. from Idaho

“I had tried everything on the market to get rid of these pet odors and other worked until I tried Top Dog. It works fast, is very effective & safe for my pets and me. My home has never smelled so fresh. I will never use anything else.” – Jody P. from California

Top Dog Pet Stain & Odor Remover will:


Eliminate odors created by life’s unfortunate circumstances.


Protect your surfaces and coverings from harmful acid compounds.


Ensure your family and home are happy, healthy, and free from odor.